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Transactions and processes involving properties can be difficult. Whether you are buying or selling a home, transferring ownership, or inheriting an asset, you will go through a lot of daunting procedures and paperwork. You might need someone who can help you navigate through all the legal complexities.
This is where the Doster Law Group comes in. For over 29 years, we have been the trusted Real Estate, Title, Probate, and Estate Planning firm Denton County.
Our mission is to provide our clients and real estate partners unparalleled legal and title services with courage, compassion and consistency, prioritizing communication and relationships as our foundation.

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What people say?

I have called Doster Law Group on multiple occasions and Fon has always been so helpful. She takes the time to help you anyway she can. She is super kind and responsive, and overall, just a great lawyer. I highly recommend to anyone.


What people say?

Can't tell you how many times over the past oh...say...15 years that I've used the title company side of this firm for my real estate clients. ALWAYS top notch professionals! And many, many, many...did I say "many?"...countless times I've need the law side. From estates, Wills, real estate attorney for my clients...you name it, I've called them for it. My GO-TO for everything! Highly recommend this firm!!


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